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  • Block /Block Silo Silo

    Block /Block Silo Silo

    Block silos built by Silo J.M. Lambert inc. with pressed staves receive a complete trowel plastering and have the following features:

  • Glass Liner Steel Silo

    Glass Liner Steel Silo

    Most classic type silos – in concrete, galvanized steel or other materials – are eaten by acid produced by fermentation. Even linings made of epoxy resin, gunite or other materials will supply only temporary protection. The glass liner steel is, itself, acid proof. Its vitrified steel plates permanently adhere a coat of genuine glass in fusion on both surfaces. The resulting impermeable protection will easily resist to acid from...

  • Transformed Glass Liner Steel Silo

    Transformed Glass Liner Steel Silo

    The advantage of doing hay silage at the humidity rate of a conventional silo. The advantage of doing silo unloader maintenance yourself, very simply and easily. The advantage of keeping silo sealing at 100%. The advantage of obtaining much better fermentation. The advantage of obtaining better compactness, as well as significantly increasing storage capacity. The advantage of maintaining all enamelled steel silo features. The advantage of doing...

  • Bunker Silo

    Bunker Silo

    The PIT SILO offered by Silo J.M. Lambert is designed with factory precast concrete walls. This approach not only ensures that the product always conforms to every requirement for this type of silo, but it also gives a compressive force (density) of a 6001b.test, responding to market requirements.

  • Enamelled Steel Slurry Tank

    Enamelled Steel Slurry Tank

    Uncomparable capacity and performance. The use of enamelled steel in constructing cesspools makes them far superior to anything that is currently on the market. The innumerable qualities of enamelled steel make the cesspools waterproof and resistant, and they can be used for a long time. So long, in fact, that its' exterior or interior will never have to be changed. Your next cesspool could be your last. For more information, contact one of our...

  • Mixers


    Silo Lambert offers many models of well-known brand name mixers like Faresin, Patz or Seko. Depending on the work you have to do and your budget, rest assured that we will offer you the model you really need.