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  • Unrollers-Spreaders with Fingers for Round Bales Max.Diameter 1.50 m

    Unrollers-Spreaders with Fingers for Round Bales Max.Diameter 1.50 m

    Common features of straw spreaders with fingers: Minimum recommended tractor flow requirement: 45 L/min for spreading from 5 to 6 metres depending on the type of straw. The spreader kit and the control of conveyor belt and other options are hydraulically driven by a motor mounted in series (max. power goes to the spreader kit).

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  • GARDEN MULTI Sprayers

    GARDEN MULTI Sprayers

    GARDEN MULTI sprayers are ideally suited to polyculture, mechanical cultivation and gardening. They are built using professional components.

  • Spraying Equipment

  • DUALFLOW - Tanks

    DUALFLOW - Tanks

    DUALFLOW tanks come in two tank capacities and three distinct ranges for three different uses.

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  • Straw Spreading . Silage Unloading

  • Equipments for Milking Rooms

  • Model DA60 - Suspended Automatic Feeders

    Model DA60 - Suspended Automatic Feeders

    Distributes one type of feed to encourage the animals to get inside the parlour.Useful capacity : 60l.The quantity to distribute is adjustable by potentiometer.The speed of forward motion is adjustable by potentiometer.Delivered with remote control.Electrical management system.1 motor 24 volts with gear reduction.2 X 12 volts sealed lead acid batteries.Self-regulated battery charger.Embarked  hardware