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  • Sleipner TH - Timber Harvesters

  • Sleipner - Model 814 TF - Timber Forwarder

    Sleipner - Model 814 TF - Timber Forwarder

    270° turn able cabin allows the driver to see straight while operating the crane and further reducing upper body and neck load/twist while working Cameras in front and rear to assist in operations requiring backing of the machine Hydraulic suspension of cabin reduces vibrations, driver discomfort and body stress when shuttling on forest roads Forwards, backwards and side tilt of the cabin to optimise driver working position depending on terrain...

  • Sleipner - Model Stage IV - Timber Harvester Next Generation

    Sleipner - Model Stage IV - Timber Harvester Next Generation

    Innovative and Ergonomic Driver'S Workplace: New generation Sleipner is equipped with ergonomic turning cabin which can turn up to + / - 90 degrees in both directions, levels in all directions and automatically follows the loader from side to side, but can also be controlled manually with joysticks. The ergonomically designed operator seat has well-thought-out instrument panels to the sides and in front of the operator seat, which is air-suspended and...

  • Sleipner - Timber Harvester Classic

    Sleipner - Timber Harvester Classic

    Comfortable workplace: The cabin is designed as a comfortable, high-tech multi-adjustable cockpit. The cabin can tilt, so the operator can sit comfortably when operating the machine on slopes. That eases the strain on the back. There is also an excellent view to all sides, giving the operator optimal overall visibility. The joystick and handle have been designed and placed in cooperation with experienced machine operators to achieve the very highest...

  • Silvatec - Model Head HH 450 - Timber Harvesting

    Silvatec - Model Head HH 450 - Timber Harvesting

    Dimensions: Width, closed: 1050 mm. Width, open: 1240 mm. Height excl. rotator: 1780 mm. Weight, excl. rotator: 1024 kg. Feeding: 2 hydrostatically driven rollers, 630 ccm motor. Feeding power: 29 kN. Feeding speed: 0-6,5 m/s.

  • Sleipner TF - Timber Forwarders