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  • Corrugated Steel Sheet Flat Bottom Silo

    Corrugated Steel Sheet Flat Bottom Silo

    SIMEZA corrugated steel sheet Flat Bottom Silos are designed for agricultural, industrial, commercial and strategic applications such as big farms, inland storage facilities, grain terminals, industrial plants fed with cereals such as flour mills, feed mills, rice mills, oil mills, and biofuel facilities.

  • Corrugated Steel Sheet Hopper Silos

    Corrugated Steel Sheet Hopper Silos

    SIMEZA corrugated steel sheet Hopper Silos are designed for agricultural and industrial plants such as; drying plants, seed processing plants, storage plants, daily bins, dosing bins, bulk outload bins, industrial plants continuously fed with cereals such as flour mills, feed mills, rice mills, oil mills, and biofuel facilities.

  • Conveyor Bridges

    Conveyor Bridges

    SIMEZA’s manufacturing range includes 2 types of conveyor bridges: Up to 400 t/h conveyors: The bridges are a modular and open framework type designed to support the dead weight of their structure and conveyor, the product weight, the live load of maintenance operators as well as snow and wind loads according to UNE EN ISO 14222. The bridges are manufactured as standard in several widths from 1200 up to 3000 mm and made of S235 Z600 galvanized...

  • Level Indicator

    Level Indicator

    The control of the upper level of the stored product allows for proper filling and in general for proper operation of the control system of the silo.

  • Steel Sheet Farm Silos

    Steel Sheet Farm Silos

    SIMEZA steel sheet Farm Silos are designed for storage of feed on livestock, poultry and pork. They can be designed according to either ASAE/ANSI American or Euro-Code European norms as per client choice. SIMEZA Farm Silos cover a wide range of models from 1.8 meters to 3.5 meters in diameter and from 4 to 58 m³capacity. They are entirely manufactured in galvanized steel and with Z600 galvanized coating or pre-painted in green. They are designed...

  • Tanks


    SIMEZA’s Tanks are used for the storage of liquids. They are designed according to the Euro-Code European norms and are manufactured to withstand stress caused by continuous use, extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy snow. They also offer greater resistance to corrosion through thicker galvanization on the steel sheets.