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  • Metallic Base Silos

    Metallic Base Silos

    Metallic silos model SBMC are conceived for the storage of cereals, seeds, leguminous, industrial products and any other product that requires special storage conditions. The mass stored is isolated completely from the ground, avoiding in this way the humidity and allowing the interconnection between different silos by means of belts and allowing a perfect extraction or dosing.  The join between the cylindrical body and the hopper is made with an...

  • Farm Silos

    Farm Silos

    Farm silos are a perfect system to store the feed mill for cattle, poultry, rabbit, horse or pig farms. The silos are built in galvanized steel sheet, corrugated or flat, equiped with access ladders to the roof and opening system from the ground. There are some other accesorios that can be added to the silo, such us windows, unloading valves, pneumatic charges, decompressing pipes, metallic hoppers or emergency doors. Farm silos are designed with an...

  • Silos with Structure

    Silos with Structure

    Silos with metallic structure are thought for storing and delivering bulk materials (grain, flour, pellets, ...).  The number of silos to be installed will depend on several factors, such us: production of the factory, variaty of finished products and their demand.   For a perfect conservation and a short storage, the silo sizes that are advisable are between 10 and 50 tons per silo.