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Simosol Oy

We are the leading provider of services for Forest, crop & carbon mapping and monitoring Supply chain optimisation Forest & biomass project valuation. We develop tailored software solutions and services that match our clients’ requirements. Most of our tailored forest planning systems are based on SIMO, our open source simulation and optimisation framework. Our solutions support more than 15 million hectares valued in 40 billion EUR. We have active projects in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. We have developed for clients around the world.

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Rautatietori 4 , Riihimäki , 11130 Finland
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Globally (various continents)

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The roots of the company are in the long Finnish tradition of planning for sustainable use of wood. To be able to build a bio-economy that is biologically, socially and economically sustainable, one needs to clear three hurdles: mapping, planning, and monitoring. First, you need to know the location and the quantity of the resources. Second, you need to understand how they change over time and plan how they will be utilised. Third, you need to be able to monitor whether things are going according to your plans. And finally, you need to start all over again and apply what you've learned along the way.

We began our journey with planning. In 2004 the Finnish forestry sector pooled their efforts to create the next generation planning system for forest management. The system relied on a combination of simulation and mathematical optimisation, and resulted in the open source SIMO framework developed at the faculty of Forestry of the University of Helsinki. Later 2007, Antti, Jouni and Jussi (the project researchers) decided to establish Simosol to continue developing the strong base for the next generation planning systems. Since then, Simosol has implemented simulation and optimisation based planning systems across the Finnish forestry sector. The company has grown along the way, and we've been fortunate enough to extend our analytics offering to other countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. We've also kept in mind the big picture of sustainable bio-economy and, as a result, our current offering also includes mapping and monitoring.

You're welcome to explore our website and find out what we can do to solve the needs of our clients. In addition, you're surely more than welcome to get in touch with us!