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  • Poultry Houses

  • Poultry House

    Poultry House

    The structure is made of hot deep galvanized profiles, with cross-sections carefully designed according to the project. The beams are bolted to the columns, which are fixed to the foundations by anchors; the calculation of foundations is not provided by SKA. Roof panels are fixed to purlins; these ones are realized by cold formed steel profiles, hot deep galvanized, fixed to the frames by bolts. The strength to the horizontal transversal forces is...

  • Tunnel House

    Tunnel House

    The tunnel house SKA consists of: galvanised steel structure with tubolar purlins and stringers and steel strips for the cover's support, side walls in pre-painted sandwich panels of 35mm, ceiling in white nylon film, glasswool insulation 80 or 120 mm thick, cover made of black nylon film, guillotine windows in translucid film or plastic 20 mm tick and 60 cm height, anti-sparrow wire net for windows, head walls made of insulated pannels with...

  • Mobile House

    Mobile House

    MOBILE HOUSE Specifically studied for small farming of broilers or organic layers, it is supplied complete of inside equipment according to the norms on organic farmings. Made of a strong galvanised steel structure, with roof and walls realised by sandwich panels galvanised and painted on both sides. Polyurethane insulation 40 mm depth, curtain windows provided of polyethylene anti sparrow net, treated anti UV, easy to assemble.

  • Feeding Systems

  • Model EOS - Auger Feeder

    Model EOS - Auger Feeder

    EOS is the new and innovative feeder designed by SKA for the broiler industry. EOS has been studied in detail to fit perfectly to the needs of the animals, from the first days until the end of the cycle. In the early days, the pan is laid on the ground. The flat bottom (just 55 mm high) makes it very easy for chicks to access feed.   The main feature of this feeder is the center bell, which greatly reduce the opening area, thus preventing the...

  • Model LYRA - Multipurpose Auger Feeder

    Model LYRA - Multipurpose Auger Feeder

    Lyra multipurpose pan feeder is the new SKA pan feeder has been designed to guarantee excellent results with broilers, turkeys, ducks, guinea-fowl, commercial layers and cockerels. The special grid shape and the central ring let chicks use the pan but discourages them from stepping into it and, at the same time, they assure the maximum feed access. The special edge reduces to a minimum the feed waste in all conditions, including use...