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  • Cleaning and Grading Machines

  • Omega - Universal Cleaning Machine

    Omega - Universal Cleaning Machine

    The Omega is a further development of previous DAMAS machines for cleaning grain and seed. The Omega is very flexible and can therefore be used for all cleaning and grading tasks from pre-cleaning to fine cleaning. The Omega is available in a number of different designs and sizes for different purposes.

  • Conveying Equipment

  • Model type D - Bucket Elevator

    Model type D - Bucket Elevator

    DAMAS bucket elevators type D are designed for vertical conveying of grain, cereal seed, granulates, etc. The standard elevators are made of galvanized steel. Elevators with lacquered surface or made of special steel are also available.

  • Chain Conveyor

    Chain Conveyor

    The DAMAS chain conveyor is designed for horizontal conveyance of grain, if a closed, dustfree conveyance or if many outlets are required.The chain conveyor can be placed in connection with an intake hopper on top of the conveyor or as side inlet. The chain conveyor is made in an industrial and sturdy design, resulting in minimum maintenance and problem-free operation.

  • Other Products

  • Model Halmu - Straw Drum

    Model Halmu - Straw Drum

    The Halmu is used for raw material with much straw or large particles to be removed from the material before the final process. The Halmu is of solid steel construction. The drum and feed roller are driven by a geared motor via chain drive.

  • Hambo - Scarifier

    Hambo - Scarifier

    The Hambo is a solid construction, consisting of a frame and a housing of steel, a tripartite rotor with exchangeable beaters, an exchangeable scarifying basket, a driving mechanism with geared motor, and an outlet hopper of steel.

  • Kiban - Clipper

    Kiban - Clipper

    The Kiban is a steel construction fitted with a rotating shaft with steel pegs. This shaft is suspended in sturdy ball bearings. The top cover of the Kiban is equipped with clipper-de-awner cloth on the underside. Furthermore, the through is reinforced with exchangeable wear plates of steel. The throughgoing long flap at the bottom can be removed completely to ease cleaning of the clipper-de-awner.