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  • Maxi Drill - Trailed Seed Drill

    Maxi Drill - Trailed Seed Drill

    The solution to reach productivity records. Combining cultivation with drilling thanks to a two-disc rows preparation module, the Maxi Drill allows seeding on a stubble ploughed soil but also behind a plough. The possibility to target the drilling fertilisation or to plant different species at varying doses and depths constitutes the main innovation of this seed drill model

  • Easy Drill - Trailed Seed Drill

    Easy Drill - Trailed Seed Drill

    The solution for users wishing to change for direct drilling with a nurse crop. This seed drill is characterized by a minimal horizon disruption. The Easy Drill thus offers a high penetration quality of the drilling element and a totally controlled press wheel. Today, this model can come with a compartmentalisation, regardless of the widths, allowing the simultaneous addition of two products with two doses and depths.

  • DDI TW - Disc harrow

    DDI TW - Disc harrow

    The solution for surface stubble ploughing: the intensive mulching of crops’ residues and the destruction of plant covers. La gamme DDI se compose de 6 modèles traînés de 4m70 à 9m50. The DDI product range offers 6 towed-models going from 15’ 4’’ (4m70) to 31’ 2” (9m50). The discs are concave and corrugated, thus maximising the mixing and cutting of the residues. The disc...