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  • Agriculture

  • Airseeder Components

    Airseeder Components

    Our exclusive Airseeder CAD (Computer Aided Design) design program will aid us to design a system especially for you, this will ensure the correct sizes of your feeder hoses, correct Primary and Secondary head and Pressurized box systems, fans and venturi.

  • Distribution Cone

    Distribution Cone

    Improves overall accuracy.Reduces fan resistance.Eliminates grain cracking and head bounce.Unique inverted cone allows a more efficient air flow resulting in less back pressure.Improves accuracy in undulating country by distributing grain and fertilizer more evenly in the head chambe

  • Grain Aeration Systems

    Grain Aeration Systems

    The one-step way to dry, cool and prevent insects in your grain. If your crop has ripened with some green patched in it then, you may then harvest it with up to 17% moisture content. You can then store and aerate the grain without the concern of it being ruined. The principal is the same as in an evaporative air conditioner, but in this case the grain is the wet filter.

  • Stirring / Wall & Roof Fans

    Stirring / Wall & Roof Fans

    Mist kits are available as an option - A very fine mist is released which can lower temperatures by up to 14oC. Water usage is around 3 litres per hour.

  • 48` WALL FAN - Complete Ventilation Equipment

    48` WALL FAN - Complete Ventilation Equipment

    A simple low cost high volume extraction fan with automatic closing shutters.These fans are in huge demand for general ventilation in workshops, greenhouses and the poultry and pig industries.