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  • Pond Link Monitor

    Pond Link Monitor

    The Pond Link monitor includes a high level and a low level probe which are independently set to suit the situation. Once the low level indicator has been reached the irrigator is switched off automatically. Benefits: Ensures that the irrigator is not run dry and allows flexibility to reset the levels as required.

  • Travelling Irrigator Monitor

    Travelling Irrigator Monitor

    Using modern microprocessor technology, the travelling irrigator monitor will automatically monitor the travelling speed while in use and will shut down the pump if it stops for any reason, or is moving too slowly. To re-activate you must inspect the irrigator and rectify the stoppage, before resetting at the irrigator. Benefits: Easy to install and very simple to operate. Compatible with your existing pump control system.

  • Water Trough Monitor

    Water Trough Monitor

    The water trough monitor provides valuable information on water pressure and thereby water level of the feeding troughs. Reduces the fear of water being unavailable for stock as it records instantly when water pressure falls for any reason. Benefits: Eliminates the need to walk the farm to monitor water trough levels and provides peace of mind that should any malfunction occur you will be notified either through a rapid change in your graph or by txt to...