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  • Agricultural Nets

  • Overhead Crop Netting

    Overhead Crop Netting

    Smart Net System's Overhead Crop Netting consists of a suspended, full enclosure application and is ideal for blueberry netting, strawberry netting, saskatoon berry netting, vineyard netting and other crop protection against birds. The system fully encloses your crop by mounting the nets above the canopy with wires running through the edge meshes, which are simply drawn out along the field to spread or retrieve. When the nets are spread the wires are...

  • Citrus Netting

    Citrus Netting

    Our citrus netting is manufactured by Smart Net Systems, and is of the highest quality high-density UV-protected polyethylene. The first netting we supplied has now been in use for 6 years and looks like it will make at least 8+ years of use for this application.

  • Fruit Tree Netting

    Fruit Tree Netting

    Smart Net Systems supplies netting for a multitude of uses in the fruit tree industry.

  • Insect Netting

    Insect Netting

    Fantastic for organic gardening and organic farming, providing bug protection without pesticides. Our insect netting provides protection against insects including Japanese beetles, stink bugs and grasshoppers, as well as birds and hail - all in one application. It can be used as floating row crop covers or hoop netting, cherry tree cover, fruit tree cover. Made from high-density UV protected polyethylene for many years of...

  • Vineyard Netting

    Vineyard Netting

    Vineyards can be protected in a number of ways depending on the individual needs of the grower. We offer solutions for crop protection with a variety of products and methods.

  • Multi-Terrain Deer Fencing

    Multi-Terrain Deer Fencing

    Deer fence polyethylene netting outlasts plastic polypropylene by a wide margin. Polyethylene is better suited to environmental assault. Deer fence netting will contour to any slope without distortion to panels. No need to cut and splice like you do with plastic fencing. Deer fence netting is much stronger than plastic, with a 2,300 lb breaking strength for each edge border alone plus 130...

  • Thrips - Insect Netting

    Thrips - Insect Netting

    Our thrips netting is made from high-density UV-protected polyethylene for many years of service. This product provides crop protection against thrips and all insects. It also provides protection from hail, wind and birds. Thrips netting significantly reduces or eliminates, the use of chemical pesticides and is great for organic growing.

  • Agriculture Machinery

  • Citrus Netting Applicator

    Citrus Netting Applicator

    The Smart Net Systems Citrus Netting Applicator was designed by Doug Dickson, president of Smart Net Systems, for use in the citrus orchards. Since its inception it has expanded to include a broad range of netting applications, including: orchard netting, cherry netting, hail netting, stone fruit netting, or any high row orchard crops. The Citrus Netting Applicator is a tractor mounted, three-point hitch mounting system that runs off the tractor's...

  • OliNet - Nut & Olive Harvester

    OliNet - Nut & Olive Harvester

    OliNet is a harvesting aid for olives, pistachio nuts and seed collection. It has folding arms with an automatic trunk sealing system, resulting in fast and reliable setup. Olives, nuts or seeds are collected in the suspended net and is then funnelled into storage tubs.