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  • Agri-Loader Attachments

  • Smyth Welding - Double Bale Spear

    Smyth Welding - Double Bale Spear

    The double bale spear comes with 2 spears or the optional 3rd spear mounted on the bottom. You can also choose the 39” or the 49” spears.It is capable of picking up round or large square bales. The double bale spear also comes with the adjustable back-guard.

  • Smyth Welding - Material Bucket

    Smyth Welding - Material Bucket

    The main body of the material bucket is made up of 3/16” plate. It comes with ¾”x4” cutting edge or optional ¾” x 6. The wear bars are made of ½” flat bar and they extend from the cutting-edge right around to the mounting brackets. The material bucket comes with re-enforced end-plate and chain lift hooks. Our well built material buckets are equipped to stand up to the heaviest loads!

  • Smyth Welding - Pallet Fork

    Smyth Welding - Pallet Fork

    The pallet fork is made with high-grade forged tines that are 42” or 48” long. The skid steer models are bar mounted (adjustable). The loader models are shaft mounted (floating-adjustable).

  • Wood Splitters

  • Smyth Welding - Wood Splitters

    Smyth Welding - Wood Splitters

    Our wood splitters come in two different sizes. One with 4″ x 16″ Cylinder and the other has 4″ x 24″ cylinder. This unit has an 8″ heavy I-beam, hardened cutting edge, 3 point hitch, with 2 way valve. Portable units also available with 5.5 H.P Honda motor with 11 Gal. 2 stage pump.

  • Header Wagons

  • Smyth Welding - Header Wagon

    Smyth Welding - Header Wagon

    Smyth header wagons come in 4 sizes; 20', 25', 30' & 35' head size. All are supplied with brackets for mounting. The wagon tongue adjusts from 10' to 12' or you can order the optional telescoping tongue for easy hook-up to your combine.