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  • Forwarders

    The new range of Sogedep forwarders has been developed to provide power, user friendliness and safety. This new generation is available in 12 or 14 ton versions, and introduces machines designed to meet all your business’ requirements. Available with 6 or 8 wheels and a large number of optional features, our range includes the handling machine you need. Their new designs gives them outstanding visibility. Everything has been thought out with your comfort in mind. From cab user fr

  • Model SF 25-2 - Forwarder

    Model SF 25-2 - Forwarder

    With its 700 hp engine, you will appreciate its power. It is a versatile machine suited for all work conditions. Though it can pull heavy loads, this machine is very stable. This gives it a big advantage on difficult terrain.

  • Model SF 16-2 - Forwarder

    Model SF 16-2 - Forwarder

    With smaller handling capacity, it is ideal for sites where the machines need to meet strict dimension and weight requirements. Its small size makes it very quick and easy to manoeuvre machine. Its low ground pressure is ideally suited to meet environment protection require ments.

  • Harvesters

    Because improving yield is still the aim of any contractor, we have designed a range of harvesters with a power and versatility that you'll really appreciate. Rapid measuring system calibration, controls, close to hand, easy access to components for maintenance... everything is designed to improve speed of operation. This new range has 4 specific machines to give you efficient performance in forest thinning and final felling.

  • Model SH 15 - 4 and 6 Wheels Harvesters

    Model SH 15 - 4 and 6 Wheels Harvesters

    The SH15 4 wheels is a multi task machine. It is suitable for all kinds of work, its qualities are borne out in small and medium size wood. Its studies purchase price and low operating costs maki it the ideal tool to improve the profitability of your workings

  • Model SH25 -2 - 6 and 8 Wheels Harvesters

    Model SH25 -2 - 6 and 8 Wheels Harvesters

    The SH25 is available in 6 or 8 wheels versions an dis distinctive for its stability and ability to overcome obstacles. Particularly suited to medium and large-sized woodlands, its power and size make it ideal for even the most demanding final felling operations. The cabin has been carefully designed for operator comfort and ease of use.