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  • Harvesters

    Because improving yield is still the aim of any contractor, we have designed a range of harvesters with a power and versatility that you'll really appreciate. Rapid measuring system calibration, controls, close to hand, easy access to components for maintenance... everything is designed to improve speed of operation. This new range has 4 specific machines to give you efficient performance in forest thinning and final felling.

  • Model SH25 -2 - 6 and 8 Wheels Harvesters

    Model SH25 -2 - 6 and 8 Wheels Harvesters

    The SH25 is available in 6 or 8 wheels versions an dis distinctive for its stability and ability to overcome obstacles. Particularly suited to medium and large-sized woodlands, its power and size make it ideal for even the most demanding final felling operations. The cabin has been carefully designed for operator comfort and ease of use.