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Soil Basics Corporation began it`s mission to provide growers with technologically advanced solutions for improved plant health in 1995. Since then we have been able to be involved with some of the most exciting products in the agricultural chemical/nutrient industry. Whether a grower would benefit from a specific nutrient program or a fertilizer injection machine, our common goal has always been bringing products to growers that assist them in achieving the type of production which enables success in today`s demanding agricultural markets.

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17014 Ave 296 , Visalia , California 93292 USA

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Nationally (across the country)

Innovations in Plant Health Management:
For more than a decade, Soil Basics Corporation has provided Central California growers with prescriptions for their plant health needs. Meeting the economic and agronomic challenges of the 21st Century calls for more than high-tech answers. It also requires the down-to-earth systems approach offered by Soil Basics which fosters strong grower partnerships. These partnerships create a solid foundation for providing the highest level of scientific evaluations and proven agronomic solutions in today's highly competitive farming environment.

The Personal Touch:
Soil Basics' mission is to see that your crops get the nutrients they need, and in the process provide you with a healthier bottom line and peace of mind. More growers have discovered that trusting their Soil Basics field representatives pays dividends come harvest.

Soil Basics operates on growers' schedules as a scientific resource providing expertise that they need and demand. We get to know our growers and their crops. Soil Basics determines what goals our growers want to achieve with their crops and then we can base our recommendations on good science to achieve those goals.

Science Provides Answers:
Soil, water and tissue samples provide a clear snapshot of what the crop requires to bring it to its full potential. To achieve a consistently high production standard, your plans must leave a maximum level of specific nutrients to make it happen. Soil Basics provides a systematic approach to prescription farming.

What's In Your Soil Bank?
Critical to the process is knowing what is in your soil 'bank account' and what the plants are able to withdraw from that account. In additions to routine checks for micro and macronutrients, Soil Basics has the capacity to test microbial content and activity, sometimes an important element in the analysis process. We stand behind our recommendations because they are based on both experience and science.

Experience & Technology
Soil Basics' objective is to put growers ahead of the curve in the battle for an economic advantage. How can we offer such an advantage in this competitive market? The answer is our experience and an arsenal of leading edge products.

Soil Basics' field representatives are not only experienced in a variety of crops such as grapes, tree fruit, nuts, vegetables and citrus, but also in plant pathology, soil science, and microbiology. We feature products whose efficiency has been proven with both in the field and in university labs from Florida to California. Additionally, our diverse products foster the environmental health and stability of our farmlands.