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  • Gold - Digger

    Gold - Digger

    The Soil-Max Gold Digger is unlike any other agricultural drainage plows on the market, producing unparalleled economic and environmental benefits.  Unlike the Gold Digger, other tile plows on the market aren’t made from T1 steel. T1 steel is strong and thin and thus easier to pull than plows made from thicker types of steel.  Unlike traditional designs, the Gold Digger has a 3-point hitch that is in float, keeping the tractor...

  • Intellislope - Tile Plow Control System

    Intellislope - Tile Plow Control System

    Ag Leader’s Intellislope® simplifies the process of installing farm drainage tile through its RTK GPS receiver, which installs tile on grade throughout the entire run. Laser surveying equipment and adjustments during tiling are obsolete. The Intellislope makes the process more accurate and reliable, no longer subject to fluctuating weather conditions or grade variations in changing topography. Are you getting the maximum yield from your...

  • Gold  - Model 3PT - Digger

    Gold - Model 3PT - Digger

    2009 3PT Gold Digger Pro with 3', 4', and 6' boots comes with 4' shear only.  Comes with Proportional valve for grade control.