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  • Chemical Processes in Soils

    Chemical Processes in Soils

    Soil - perfect home for the actual and figurative roots of all life, source of life-essential chemical elements, recycler of water and carbon, cleanser of ecosystems. A thorough understanding of the chemical and biological processes taking place within the soil is critical for those studying or working in the agricultural, ecological, environmental, earth, and soil sciences. This book will serve them well.

  • Micrometeorology in Agricultural Systems

    Micrometeorology in Agricultural Systems

    The survival and success of all living organisms are determined by energy and matter transfers between the upper layers of the soil profile and the lowest levels of its atmosphere. In this monograph 50 experts collaborated to develop 23 chapters detailing the role that micrometeorology plays in crop production systems and terrestrial ecosystems.

  • Phosphorus: Agriculture and the Environment

    Phosphorus: Agriculture and the Environment

    Phosphorus and its effect on the environment have become hotly contested issues by watershed managers, farmers, lakeside property owners, regulatory agencies, and politicians. This 1121 page monograph is a thorough discussion by 78 experts on topics ranging from the properties and sources of phosphorus in agriculture to strategies for its management in the environment. Learn about phosphorus and sources for agriculture, production and ...

  • Land Application of Agricultural, Industrial, and Municipal By-Products

    Land Application of Agricultural, Industrial, and Municipal By-Products

    Growing interest in recycling by-products from the agricultural, industrial, and municipal sectors has brought growing environmental concerns as well. Readers will learn the science of the fundamental processes involved in recycling by-products through land application. Problems and potential benefits from land application are outlined, along with case studies and examples of successful land application technologies and programs.