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  • Genetics: A Laboratory Manual

    Genetics: A Laboratory Manual

    Students will learn the experimental aspects of genetics through 15 three-hour laboratory exercises with plant and animal organisms. Each exercise consists of background information, a materials list, a step-by-step procedure, and study questions. Learning objectives include an understanding of chromosomes and the physical properties of DNA, digestion by restriction enzymes, methods of DNA extraction, advanced techniques of gene cloning, ...

  • Physiology and Modeling Kernel Set in Maize

    Physiology and Modeling Kernel Set in Maize

    Kernel number per plant is the yield component primarily responsible for variation in maize grain yield across environments. The authors highlight recent discoveries regarding the roles of carbohydrate, nitrogen, and phyto-hormone metabolism in controlling kernel formation. It also establishes new and fundamental relationships between canopy development, light interception, ear development and kernel set, and the use of these relationships to ...