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  • Irrigation of Agricultural Crops, Second Edition

    Irrigation of Agricultural Crops, Second Edition

    Irrigation is one of the most important human activities sustaining civilization. On average, irrigated crop yields are double those from unirrigated land. It has been estimated that to meet the needs of the 8 billion population by 2025, the irrigated area must expand more than 20% and irrigated crop yields must improve by 40% above current yields. The issues and the newest technologies are compiled in comprehensive chapters to facilitate ...

  • Micrometeorology in Agricultural Systems

    Micrometeorology in Agricultural Systems

    The survival and success of all living organisms are determined by energy and matter transfers between the upper layers of the soil profile and the lowest levels of its atmosphere. In this monograph 50 experts collaborated to develop 23 chapters detailing the role that micrometeorology plays in crop production systems and terrestrial ecosystems.

  • Agroecosystems Analysis

    Agroecosystems Analysis

    Leading scientists look beyond the simple production paradigm and present a more holistic approach aimed at ensuring sustainability through understanding the biological, ecological, economic, and social dimensions of agroecosystems. Detailed analyses include multidimensional thinking, multifunctional economic analysis, whole-farm planning, agricultural conservation at the landscape scale, agroecosystem functions that benefit society, and ...

  • Impacts of El Nino and Climate Variability on Agriculture

    Impacts of El Nino and Climate Variability on Agriculture

    As interest in global climate increases, an understanding of the impact of major weather patterns such as El Nino grows in importance. This special publication takes an international approach to explore the impacts of climate variability on crop production and the potential of using seasonal climate forecasts for enhancing agricultural production.

  • Cool-Season Forage Grasses

    Cool-Season Forage Grasses

    An in-depth reference for the major cool-season forage grasses, this publication is unique in that it addresses such a large number of species in terms of their role in agriculture and conservation as well as their management. Educators and students, crop and soil scientists, ornamental horticulturists, turf specialists, and environmentalists and conservationists will find the book to be a valuable reference.

  • Glossary of Crop Science Terms

    Glossary of Crop Science Terms

    The glossary contains 1380 terms covering crop breeding, genetics, and cytology; crop physiology and metabolism; crop ecology, production, and management; seed physiology, production, and technology; crop quality and utilization; turfgrass; and forages. Also included is an appendix on terms used in cell biology and molecular genetics.