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  • Warm-Season (C4) Grasses

    Warm-Season (C4) Grasses

    The only review of warm season and tropical grasses that covers all the major genera.' - James P. Muir, Texas A&M University Research and Extension CenterThe warm season grasses are the major forage resources for ruminant livestock production in the tropical and subtropical areas of the world. In the U.S. warm season grasses are also playing a major role in prairie restoration. A companion book to Cool Season Forage Grasses.

  • Silage Science and Technology

    Silage Science and Technology

    No other silage book can compare with this detailed coverage, including in-depth discussions of silage microbiology, biochemistry, assessing quality, preharvest and postharvest factors, use of additives, harvesting, storage, feeding, whole-farm management, as well as a global scope. Individual chapters are devoted to the production, preservation, and feeding of specific crops. The final chapter conveniently integrates information from the ...

  • Native Warm-Season Grasses: Research Trends and Issues

    Native Warm-Season Grasses: Research Trends and Issues

    Including native warm-season grasses in pasture systems makes good ecological sense, and this publication explores the benefits and challenges associated with their use. The uneven seasonal distribution of forage production from introduced cool-season species is a primary factor complicating pasture management, while native plant communities are more efficient at capturing solar radiation.

  • Cool-Season Forage Grasses

    Cool-Season Forage Grasses

    An in-depth reference for the major cool-season forage grasses, this publication is unique in that it addresses such a large number of species in terms of their role in agriculture and conservation as well as their management. Educators and students, crop and soil scientists, ornamental horticulturists, turf specialists, and environmentalists and conservationists will find the book to be a valuable reference.

  • Glossary of Crop Science Terms

    Glossary of Crop Science Terms

    The glossary contains 1380 terms covering crop breeding, genetics, and cytology; crop physiology and metabolism; crop ecology, production, and management; seed physiology, production, and technology; crop quality and utilization; turfgrass; and forages. Also included is an appendix on terms used in cell biology and molecular genetics.