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  • Chemical Applicators:Spreader

  • Model 425 - Backpack Sprayers

    Model 425 - Backpack Sprayers

    Since its introduction to the US market in 1964, Solo’s popular 425® backpack sprayer has been the standard by which all backpack sprayers are measured… and for good reason!

  • Model 435 - Backpack Sprayers

    Model 435 - Backpack Sprayers

    Solo 5 gallon backpack sprayer with its connecting rod activated piston pump is capable of producing a wide pressure range up to 90 psi, (optional plug required to obtain 90 psi), performing virtually every spraying task. Easily and effectively handles disinfectants, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and formulations for tree, shrub and plant protection (clean sprayer between uses). The rugged high-density polyethylene tank and internal Viton®...

  • Mist Blowers

  • Model 451 - Motorized Mist Blowers

    Model 451 - Motorized Mist Blowers

    Motorized Backpack Mist Blower, 66.5 cc, 2.1/2.9 hp, 23.8 lbs. New 66.5 cc engine with nickel/silicon carbide cylinder coating to generate a fan air volume of max. 824 cfm for total plant penetration. Aluminum crankcase and high quality engine components for increased power output even under high temperature operating conditions. Increased engine performance converts to higher misting performance. Improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions with...