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  • Royal Cargo

  • Royal - Model 6X12 - High End Trailer

    Royal - Model 6X12 - High End Trailer

    For those who are looking for a High End trailer that’s known for its dependability and longevity, the Original Royal is the answer. It’s specifically designed for robust commercial or industrial applications. Each and every component of the Original Royal is based on performance. Whether it’s 40 below weather, tough terrain or being on the road 24/7, the Original Royal will handle any obstacle in its path.

  • Royal  - Model LT 820 - Cargo Trailer

    Royal - Model LT 820 - Cargo Trailer

    The Lightning series is made with the same attention to detail and quality we build into all of our trailers. Whether you’re looking for an economical solution for your small business needs or an entry level SUV friendly weekend hauler, the Lightning gets it done with the same reliability as its bigger brothers.

  • Renn

  • Renn - Model GCD 3228AR - Belly Dump Trailer

    Renn - Model GCD 3228AR - Belly Dump Trailer

    The Renn Belly Dump is impressive with it's capacity,strength and trouble free operation. Increased hauling capacity coupled with minimal downtime means increased profits. We built this unit to be tougher than the day is long with the structural integrity being supplied by our light weight design. Lighter construction means better fuel economy and increased payloads. The oscillating 5th wheel design coupler system reduces structural stress to your...

  • Model SL2900 - End Dump Trailer

    Model SL2900 - End Dump Trailer

    We build safety and convenience into every one of our products. The telescoping drop legs saves time and money. The anti lock braking system ensures your safety even in the most severe braking situations. Factory installed dust shields protect your brake shoes and drums from rocks and other debris. Our frame, one of the strongest on the market, is made of engineered and reinforced beams with weight reducing cut outs. The formed tipping sills use...

  • Southland