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  • Soil Preparation

  • Model RB-3 - Rotary Tillers

    Model RB-3 - Rotary Tillers

    Designed for small compact tractors, the RB-3 fixed rotary tiller, thanks to its sturdiness, reliability and versatility, can work any kind of soil without any problems. This implement mounts a single-speed gearbox, chain driven. Possibility to choose between 4 or 6 square or curved blades.

  • Model RP-2 - Rotary Tillers

    Model RP-2 - Rotary Tillers

    Sovema's medium range of rotary tillers, the RP-2 series is for every day tilling and special chores. Available in several width for tractors up to 60 HP. Chain driven. Single speed (RP-2) or 4 speed (RPC-2) gearbox. Angular (L) or speed (C) blades.

  • Model RE-2 - Rotary Tiller

    Model RE-2 - Rotary Tiller

    Built for trouble-free field work and special tillage the RE-2 rotary tiller is designed for tractors up to 85 HP. This attractive design tiller combines outstanding durability and minimal maintenance. Chain driven. Single-speed (RE-2) or 4 speed (REC-2) gearboxes available. Different choice of blades.

  • Model RTX-2 - Rotary Tiller

    Model RTX-2 - Rotary Tiller

    Top of the rotary tiller series, the RTX-2 tiller is built to be used under very tough conditions. With double frame, reinforced rear shield and double flange. 140 ASA-chain driven. The RTX-2 series is only available with a 4 speed gearbox. 540 or 1000 rpm. 6 blades per flange. Angular (L) or speed (C) blades available.

  • Model GP - Rotary Cultivators

    Model GP - Rotary Cultivators

    Gear-driven GP series of rotary cultivators is now available for tractors up to 60 HP. Single speed (GP) or 4 speed (GPC) gearboxes. Waterproof. Angular (L) or speed (C) blades. 4 or 6 blades per flange. GP comes in four different working widths, from 140 to 200 cm.

  • Model GDE - Rotary Cultivator

    Model GDE - Rotary Cultivator

    GDE Series is suitable for tractors from 30 to 85 HP. Particular manufacturing solutions make this implement sturdy, reliable and cheap in mantainance. All sizes, on request, can be equipped with rear spike, cage or packer roller. Gear driven. Single-speed (GDE) or multi-speed  (GDEC) gearbox, 4 or 6 blades per flange. Waterproof rotor.

  • Model GDT - Rotary Cultivator

    Model GDT - Rotary Cultivator

    Studied for heavy duty work, the GDT concept is really in the forefront: this implement has a double frame. Rear shield is equipped with springs for the best ground levelling. Gear driven. Only 4 speed gearbox at 540 and/or 1000 rpm. Water-proof blade rotor. 6 blades per flange.

  • Field Maintenance

  • Hay Silage Making

  • Model SHT-2 P - 3-Point Hitch Hay Tedder

    Model SHT-2 P - 3-Point Hitch Hay Tedder

    Sovema SHT-2 P, 3-point hitch hay tedder has been designed for turning,fluffing and tedding any kind of hay. Efficient and reliable machine for small operations.

  • Model SHT-4 P - 3-Point Hitch Hay Tedder

    Model SHT-4 P - 3-Point Hitch Hay Tedder

    Built with the best quality of cast iron and steel, the SHT-4 P hay tedders series is the perfect machine for any kind of hay. This machine has a big versatility and low power absorption.

  • Fertilization

  • Model FS - Spreaders

    Model FS - Spreaders

    The FS model, available in three different capacities of the hopper, is manufactured with very high quality materials. Prime coat and anticorrosive paint. Agitator on request.