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The SPACESONIC has successfully cooperated to manufacture various components and integrated systems with Greek and foreign companies in the defense industry, medical parts, and industrial parts. In 2010 SPACESONIC Ltd pioneered the manufacture and marketing of the first Greek Olive, pneumatic ATRAX1600. In 2011 the company presented in the Greek market and ATRAX electric, which is an olive harvester battery operated 12V. Τhe friendly environment and the excellent cooperation in all areas of its business provide the guarantee for a proper and professional collaboration. Spacesonic’s main concern it to go globally not only on tis manufacturing line but in terms of exploring all the possible ways of becoming known and inherit the dreams of creating unique products. The company is willing to discuss any new deal that concerns new handling of its production line with new partners that they truly help to extend its vision and targets worlwide.

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Piniada Trikalon , Farkadona , Greece 42031 Greece

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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Spacesonic Ltd was founded in 2007 in Piniada Trikala Greece focusing in the production of high precision industrial parts for the Greek and European Industry.

The company’s quality policy ensures a high production level satisfying the customers’ quality requirements

To achieve that, SPACESONIC LTD operates the quality management system ISO9001:2000


Spacesonic’s vision is to find worldwide qualified people that they share the same passion for expanding to new countries and be able to understand the company’s needs for innovative products. Our dynamic force cn be increased according to the needs of the market in any case. That’s why Spacesonic needs investors that will recognize the attempt of producing innovative products with unique mechanical designs


Spacesonic is focusing on delivering the best possible products under low cost and best price through an excellent employer-employee relationship that targets the client’s satisfaction. Nowdays production line has shift into another level of producting innovative manufacturing products and design projects with maximum results and benefits not only for the company but for society as well.

The company’s quality policy ensures a high production level satisfying the customer’s quality requirements. To achieve that, Spacesonic, implements a managerial system that believes quality is an a essential part of production.