Spacesonic LTD

Spacesonic Ltd was founded in 2007 in Piniada Trikala Greece focusing in the production of high precision industrial parts for the Greek and European industry. The founders of the company with many years of experience and expertise in machining processes, establishing and running the EXPO-METAL SA since 1980, with the newly acquired sophisticated equipment guarantee the production of your parts in low prices.

Company details

Piniada , Trikala , Greece TK 42031 Greece

Locations Served

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Industry Type:
Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

The company's quality policy ensures a high production level satisfying the customers' quality requirements.

To achieve that, SPACESONIC LTD :

  1. Implements a managerial system that believes quality is an essential part of production. 
  2. Operates the quality management system ISO9001:2000
  3. Uses cutting edge measuring and controlling equipment as DEA 5 axis Coordinate Measuring Machine.
  4. Is focused to continual improvement monitored by measurable objectives.
  5. Applies Safety and Hygiene Standards

Spacesonic's specializes in the design and production of high precision components. Based on a self-owned 1000 m2 plant, with new state of the art technology equipment, covers a wide range of product production. 

Spacesonic has successfully completed projects in the Defense and Aerospace industry, in the telecommunications industry, in medical equipment industry, and a plethora of  industrial products.

Using its experience and expertise, in 2010, Spacesonic introduced the pneumatic olive harvester ATRAX1600.

In 2011 the ATRAX electric was introduced, a 12V battery running olive harvester.

  • Defense and aerospace industry parts
  • Industrial parts
  • Medical parts
  • Harvesting tools
  • Food Packaging