Spapperi S.r.l. was established in 1964 and has exported its products to many different countries and achieved good results. The registered office, about 4.000 m², was opened a few years ago and is located in Z.A. San Secondo 06012 Citta di Castello, Province of Perugia. Rotary harrows, transplanters, seed drills, weeders/ridgers, irrigation, treatments, harvesting, conveyor belts, biomass production line, tobacco line.

Company details

Via P. Ercolani, 5/B , San Secondo (PG) , 06012 Italy

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Industry Type:
Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

The staff consists of  more than 30 persons for the various departments and also the cooperation of the external professional research studio.

The present production is composed of Transplanters for different plants (several models), Seed Drills (maize, sorghum, tobacco), Rotary harrows (several models), Tobacco harvesters (several models), Bulk curing barns for tobacco leaves and medical herbs in general, Conveyor belts to facilitate vegetable harvesting in field, Inter-row Weeders, Machines for complete cycle of agricultural energy biomasses production  (transplanting, cure, cutting and harvesting).

Some decisions made by the European Community has greatly influenced the EU tobacco production and market, this created much uncertainty and as a result machine sales have stopped. For this reason Spapperi S.r.l. has had to diversify and has created 2 new brands for the construction and the distribution respectively of industrial machines and for sanitation of rooms.

  • “S&C International’s' brand targets the industrial and agricultural sectors of Italy, France and Spain making sales of  a range of backhoes, mini excavators and skid steer loaders.
  • “Hygienio’s' brand, holder of an innovative international patent, has completed all the research and development activities and is launching the new product of an apparatus for disinfecting and sanitation control of rooms and equipments used in health with particular attention to dental, veterinary and hospital areas.

Spapperi S.r.l. company has established itself through the sale of circa 350 tobacco harvesters and variuos equipments for its productive cycle, mainly in Italy, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Macedonian, Turkey, China, India, Brazil and North America. With over 50 years of  presence in the market, the  experience and technical skill gained has been channelled by Spapperi S.r.l. for research, development and prototyping of new, innovative self-propelled agricultural machinery intended for the collection of various crops and now with particular attention for new crops for biomass production like, hemp fibre, pepper for processing. Spapperi S.r.l. has prestigious and long standing collaborations with the main experimental and national research institutes, such as ENAMA (institution for agricultural mechanization) and CRA - ING (research unit of agricultural engineering).

Its strategy for the future is to expand sales of its current product range to new markets and sectors with appropriate customer support and knowledge transfer to efficiently use the Spapperi products and gain higher income. In addition it will  develop new machinery required for the emerging biomass cultivation for renewable energy.

Consequently, particular attention is devoted by company management to research and development  of new technology (now the company is among top patent holders at the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia) and to marketing and introduction of the new products to the markets. The company policy is to be able to have a high production capacity but utilise latest modular manufacturing techniques giving greater flexibility of production to meet the very varied customer/market demands.