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  • Aquaculture Feeds

    Aquaculture Feeds

    We can produce feed batches from 10 to 150 kg/h dedicated to your R&D projects.  Our diets are produced according to your demands, both in composition and physical properties.

  • Pilot Scale Feeding System

    Pilot Scale Feeding System

    State-of-the-art technologies to produce feeds at a pilot scale. The pilot-scale dimension of our feed technology platform, makes it a valuable tool during the development phase of new products and the optimization of feed processing technologies

  • BroodFeed - Hatchery Feeds

    BroodFeed - Hatchery Feeds

    Only premium ingredients: LT-Fish meal, Squid meal, High-HUFA fish oil, Krill meal. Optimal levels of vitamins, minerals. High in nucleotides and natural antioxidants. Encapsulation of sensitive nutrients. MEDIUM LIPID. LOW LIPID. Pellet size 5 mm | 7mm | 9 mm |12 mm |18 mm |22 mm.