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  • Basic Lawn Mower Lift

    Basic Lawn Mower Lift

    The Basic Lift is air hydraulic and comes with a boom that swings 360° and a sliding chain hook and chain.  Several options are available to fit your shop needs,.  We can also engineer other attachment to fit your other specific lifting/work requirements.

  • Model STL-1500-DX - Tractor Lifts

    Model STL-1500-DX - Tractor Lifts

    Our air hydraulic lifts are designed for lawn and garden tractors as well as ATVs, snow machines, appliances, golf cards, golf course equipment, park maintenance equipment, and other hard-to-handle equipment.  All Specialty Motors lift are built to last for years, with very little or not maintenance.  The air hydraulic lift is controlled by a single lever.  To add to operating safety, all lifts are equipped standard with features...