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  • Hand Nets - Stainless Steel Handles

    Hand Nets - Stainless Steel Handles

    Stainless steel round frame and handles, nylon net mesh, very high quality. Available two sizes to catch artemia and to catch fish larvae.

  • Spectrum - Micron Weaning Diets

    Spectrum - Micron Weaning Diets

    Highly attractive with excellent water stability characteristics. Improved water quality - No tank fouling. Highly digestible proteins with optimal amino-acid balance. Vitamin boosted - Vit. C Vit. E Vit. A Vit. D3. Natural Pigments to enhance colour - astaxanthin. Formulated with immunostimulants, anti-stress nutrients and pigments. Marine and Plant Proteins only - no terrestrial animal products in this feed. Protein 55%. Lipid 9% (NRD) - 13%...