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  • Sprayflex - Pull Type Sprayer

    Sprayflex - Pull Type Sprayer

    Sprayflex Sprayers offers the best in Pull Type Sprayers. We have taken our Proven, Strong, Lightweight and Durable truck unit and mounted them on a cart with the booms mid mounted where they can be seen at all times by the operator.

  • Sprayflex - Boom Conversions

    Sprayflex - Boom Conversions

    Our boom conversions can adapt to competitors sprayers. We can turn your existing sprayer into the ultimate spraying machine with the exclusive Sprayflex aluminum Box Boom.

  • FieldStar - Rear Mount Booms Sprayers

    FieldStar - Rear Mount Booms Sprayers

    Rear mounted Aluminum Box Boom 5’ end break away (spring loaded) Boom widths available up to 150' Raven 450 rate control with GPS speed sensor Banjo flange fittings with stainless steel clamps Banjo Ball valves (5 boom) Tank agitators with electric shut-off Single nozzle bodies 2”/3” Combo bottom fill 9306 HM1C hypro water pump Articulating hydraulic fold with joystick control from cab 5’ parallel main mast hydraulic lift Field...

  • FieldPro - Model 4PT - Boom Sprayers

    FieldPro - Model 4PT - Boom Sprayers

    Designed to be Quick Attach for your 4WD track or wheel tractor without 3PT. Install/Remove in about 10-15 min from the tractor. Put your tractor to use more throughout the season. Sprayflex Aluminum Box Boom – Ultimate in durability and light weight. Boom sizes range from 90’-150’, Lightest and most durable boom on the market. 1250 gallon poly or stainless steel tank. No additional capital costs of adding another power unit to...