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  • Sprayer

  • Xplorer - Trailed Sprayer

    Xplorer - Trailed Sprayer

    A technically advanced sprayer for the mid-range customer who is looking to adopt the latest technology at a cost-effective price. The new Xplorer Trailed Sprayer is available with 3300 litre or 4400 litre tanks and the versatile “3 Series” booms up to 28m. Excellent field performance is guaranteed with auto boom levelling and electronic steering fitted as standard. The heavy-duty, air suspended axle offers a smooth ride in the most...

  • Trailblazer - High Capacity Trailed Sprayer

    Trailblazer - High Capacity Trailed Sprayer

    The trailblazer is a high-performance sprayer packed with advanced features and innovations to deliver chemical accurately to the target. Tanks from 3500 litres to 6000 litres and booms from 24m to 40m are available. Advanced 4D boom suspension with multiple height sensors and GPS single nozzle switching provide superior application performance. Advanced ISOBUS electronics offer the flexibility of integration with your tractors own display.

  • Knight Farm - Model 3500, 4000 and 5000 litre - Self-Propelled Sprayer

    Knight Farm - Model 3500, 4000 and 5000 litre - Self-Propelled Sprayer

    Take a closer look at the Knight Self-Propelled Sprayer range. The smaller 1800 series offers tank capacities up to 4000 litres in a compact package. The larger 2000 series can carry up to 6000 litres and has large dimeter wheels for less compaction. Both are equipped with the superb Claas Vista cab to make longer spraying days possible. Choose from a range of booms up to 40m wide, equipped with the Knight 4D boom suspension and the advance Distance...

  • Xtra - Mounted Sprayer

    Xtra - Mounted Sprayer

    This advanced mounted sprayer can be fitted with 1300, 1600 or 1900 litre tanks and booms up to 30m in both Gull-Wing or V-fold configuration. It is quick and simple to couple to the tractor with integral parking legs and is optimised for quick hitch three-point linkage. The V-fold boom is compactly stowed within the width of the tractor keeping transport width to a minimum. MAXImizer plumbing and air switched nozzles combined with GPS section...

  • Fastrac - Demount Sprayer

    Fastrac - Demount Sprayer

    This Knight Demount Sprayer is optimised for the JCB 4000 series Fastrac. Choose either the compact folding “V-fold” boom that packs away behind the tractor or the overhead folding “Gull-Wing” boom for simplicity. 2500 litre or 3000 litre tank capacity combined with the optional 1300 litre or 1500 litre front tank will turn your Fastrac into a versatile, high capacity self-propelled sprayer. Demounting the Knight Sprayer from...

  • Knight Farm - High Clearance Self Propelled Sprayer

    Knight Farm - High Clearance Self Propelled Sprayer

    This specialist machine is designed to work in very tall crops such as corn/maize, cotton, fruit bushes etc. The twin chemical tanks are mounted in line with the wheels and keep the centre of gravity as low as possible without damaging the crop. The sprayer is equally at home in shorter crops and can be fitted with a range of wheels to suit all seasons.

  • Fastrac - Model JCB 4000 series - High Performance Self-Propelled Sprayer

    Fastrac - Model JCB 4000 series - High Performance Self-Propelled Sprayer

    The Knight Forward Control conversion for the JCB 4000 series Fastrac creates a high performance self-propelled sprayer. Tank capacity up to 4000 litre and booms up to 40m offer excellent field output. The conversion makes room for larger wheels and improved crop clearance. It utilises the tractors variable height suspension for optimum field performance. This is a mechanical transmission sprayer that drives like a hydrostatic. The constantly variable...

  • Cultivators

  • Raven - Mounted Cultivator

    Raven - Mounted Cultivator

    The Raven mounted cultivator can be quickly set to perform deep or shallow cultivations to produce a stale seedbed in a single pass. First, deep working tines remove any pan then shallow tines cultivate and level the surface. Next, two rows of rubber cushioned, hydraulic depth controlled discs cut and invert the soil before it is firmed by the V-ring packer. The working depth of the machine is controlled by the hydraulically adjustable rear packer...

  • Knight Farm - Model M Press - Cultivator

    Knight Farm - Model M Press - Cultivator

    The “M Press” is a strong, medium weight, press based cultivator designed to work with tractors from 100hp upwards.  It can be fitted with two rows of tines or two rows of discs to suit your particular needs and can be updated if you change your cultivation policy.  The twin row shoulder packer cuts and firms whilst leaving a weather proof surface that is an excellent seed bed for weed seed germination. Speed-loc points make a...

  • Knight Farm - Triple Press Cultivator

    Knight Farm - Triple Press Cultivator

    The Knight Triple Press is a heavy-duty cultivator that can be configured to your individual needs. It can be fitted with up to four rows of individual cultivation elements which are followed by the unique Triple Press “Revolver Ring” packer in single or double row configurations. The shouldered design ensures an even depth and therefore lower draft whilst the sharp point quickly penetrates the surface and packs the subsurface. The...