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  • Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Towards Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable Agriculture

    Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Towards Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable Agriculture

    This volume covers recent developments in both fundamental and applied research in biological nitrogen fixation. It emphasizes the application of biological nitrogen fixation for sustainable agriculture, which should lead to poverty alleviation, environmental protection, and good agricultural practices generally. The roles of, and advances in, plant breeding, plant molecular biology, nodule physiology, and symbiotic and associative interactions ...

  • Rainforest Ecosystems of East Kalimantan

    Rainforest Ecosystems of East Kalimantan

    Since the late 1960s the Indonesian state of East Kalimantan has witnessed a marked increase in the impact of human activities chiefly commercial logging and agricultural exploitation. Located on the island of Borneo, East Kalimantan also was subjected to prolonged droughts and extensive wildfires in 1982-83 and 1997-98 that were linked to the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon. The changes in the rainforest ecosystem in East ...

  • Ethylene


    This revolutionary book examines the biochemistry of endogenous ethylene biosynthesis and its role in the physiology of higher plants. Never before has such comprehensive attention been given to soil microbiota and their potential exogenous source of ethylene. This book provides chapters examining ethylene as a hormone, its role in plant physiology, sources and factors affecting microbial production of ethylene, and biochemistry of ethylene ...

  • Prospects for Saline Agriculture

    Prospects for Saline Agriculture

    Saline land is a resource capable of significant production. Recent advances in research in breeding for salt tolerance in wheat, biotechnology in rice, and selection and rehabilitation of salt-tolerant plants are of economic importance in arid/saline conditions.This book gives some practical approaches for saline agriculture and afforestation, and describes examples of cultivating salt-tolerant/halophytic plants for commercial interest on salt-

  • The Pesticide Question

    The Pesticide Question

    Pesticides have contributed impressively to our present-day agricultural productivity, but at the same time they are at the center of serious concerns about safety, health, and the environment. Increasingly, the public wonders whether the benefits of pesticides - 'the perfect red apple' - outweigh the costs of environmental pollution, human illness, and the destruction of animals and our habitat. Scientists and government officials are ...