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  • Cell Biology of Plant Nematode Parasitism

    Cell Biology of Plant Nematode Parasitism

    Plant-parasitic nematodes are among the most destructive plant pathogens, causing enormous losses to agronomic crops worldwide. This book provides an up-to-date review of research related to two of the most important nematode pests, root-knot and cyst nematodes. Chapters cover early plant-nematode interactions, identification of nematode proteins important in the establishment of nematode feeding sites, and classification of biochemical and ...

  • Integrated Management and Biocontrol of Vegetable and Grain Crops Nematodes

    Integrated Management and Biocontrol of Vegetable and Grain Crops Nematodes

    The second volume of the IMPD series describes aspects related to most important phytoparasitic nematodes, considering the integration of biological control methods with other management practices and technologies, including the use of predatory nematodes and microbial rhizosphere antogonists. Chapters cover topics such as the mode of action and interactions of nematophagous fungi, the efficacy of control and management of plant parasitic ...

  • Pine Wilt Disease

    Pine Wilt Disease

    Pine forests face a global threat of pine wilt disease, which is being spread by vector beetles carrying pathogenic nematodes from dead trees to healthy ones. Among the host pines there are varying degrees of susceptibility, and nematode strains also contain a variety of virulences, both of which factors help to determine whether infected host trees will die or survive. As well, biotic and abiotic environmental factors influence the fate of ...

  • Nematode Interactions

    Nematode Interactions

    The book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of nematode interactions, incorporating theoretical and practical aspects. The contributors are international experts in their fields. Each chapter reviews the available literature, giving insights into current thinking, pointing out limitations in present knowledge and directing the way for future research.

  • Phytochemical Resources for Medicine and Agriculture

    Phytochemical Resources for Medicine and Agriculture

    An Historical Perspective of Ancient Poison (Cutler). Plants and Plant Products Used im Mummification (David). Plants Used Medically by Indigenous Peoples (Lewis). Plants as Sources of Medicinally and Pharmaceutically Important Compounds (Kinghorn). SocioEconomic Poisons (Brenneisen, ElSohly). Antiparasitic Agents from Plants (Borris, Schaeffer). Antifungal Compounds in Plants (Kuc). Nematicidal Compounds from Plants (Chitwood). ...