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  • Bioinformatics and the Cell

    Bioinformatics and the Cell

    The many books that have been written on bioinformatics tend to fall on two extremes: books that feature computational details with a great deal of mathematics, for computational scientists and mathematicians, or books that treat bioinformatics mostly as a giant black box, for biologists. Previous books written on bioinformatics often have limited contribution to creating interdisciplinary scientists needed in modern biological and biomedical ...

  • Chemical Leasing

    Chemical Leasing

    "Chemical leasing” represents an innovative business model, in which chemicals are no longer simply sold to the customer to render a specific service, but made available and maintained. This way, the economic interest no longer lies in selling the chemical product, but in providing a chemical service. All the stakeholders will thus endeavour to enhance the efficiency of the various substances to a maximum.This book is based on the results of two

  • Globalization and Urban Implosion

    Globalization and Urban Implosion

    In the past twenty years, globalization has rendered many economic and social urban functions obsolete. Large cities face a form of implosion, which necessitates a rethinking of both contents and containers. This book will mainly concentrate on the latter aspect. Thus, the need to replace old functions with new ones is clear, especially within complex urban areas where the connections between public and private assets are strongest. In this ...

  • New Visions of Nature

    New Visions of Nature

    "New Visions of Nature" focuses on the emergence of these new visions of complex nature in three domains. The first selection of essays reflects public visions of nature, that is, nature as it is experienced, encountered, and instrumentalized by diverse publics. The second selection zooms in on micro nature and explores the world of contemporary genomics. The final section returns to the macro world and discusses the ethics of place in ...

  • Primate Origins: Adaptations and Evolution

    Primate Origins: Adaptations and Evolution

    The goals of this volume are twofold. First, it aims to provide a novel focus on adaptive explanations for cranial and postcranial features and functional complexes, socioecological systems, life history patterns, etc. in early primates. Second, it aims to offer a detailed rendering of the phylogenetic affinities of such basal taxa to later primate clades as well as to other early/recent mammalian orders. Thus, in addition to the strictly ...

  • Strong family and low fertility:a paradox?

    Strong family and low fertility:a paradox?

    This book is the first one to be devoted to the analysis and interpretation of the lowest low fertility in the Southern part of Europe. It presents a comparative viewpoint and enables the readers to understand the peculiarities of a demographic situation that has characterized a vast part of Europe over the past three decades. The book places a particular emphasis on the cultural keywords, i.e. the connection between strong family ties and ...

  • Sustainable Forest Management

    Sustainable Forest Management

    There is a strong movement towards uneven-aged forest management based on the idea that such stands increase or at least maintain soil fertility, increase biodiversity, and improve stand resilience. This shift in forest management practice renders existing yield tables increasingly unreliable. Among potential alternatives are tree growth models, because they predict the growth of each tree within a forest stand. This book summarizes three years ...