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  • Faunal Ecology and Conservation of the Great Indian Desert

    Faunal Ecology and Conservation of the Great Indian Desert

    The Great Indian or Thar Desert is characterized by extremely harsh climatic conditions. Nevertheless, this unique region, consisting of very different habitats ranging from grassland, sand dunes and rocky expanses to hilly wooded terrains, but also crop fields and abandoned human habitations, features a spectacular biodiversity. In 16 chapters, reputed experts in their fields describe the regional climate and microclimatic regime of this hot, ...

  • Sustainability of Irrigated Agriculture

    Sustainability of Irrigated Agriculture

    Irrigated agriculture and the use of water resources in agriculture face the challenges of sustainable development. Research has advanced our knowledge of water use by crops, soil-water-solutes interactions, and the engineering and managerial tools needed to mobilize, convey, distribute, control and apply water for agricultural production. However, the achievements booked in user practice have revealed the need for new developments in the ...