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  • Cotton


    The growing global population poses the challenge to the scientific community of doubling or tripling the food, feed and fiber production by the year 2050. Biotechnology can make a significant contribution to this effort. This volume reviews the use of biotechnology in cotton, which is the leading plant fiber crop worldwide and grown commercially in more than 50 countries. Renowned experts highlight the success of Bt cotton, the introduction of

  • Genetics and Genomics of Cotton

    Genetics and Genomics of Cotton

    A few members of the Gossypium (cotton) genus are cultivated for the production of elongated single-celled fibers valued worldwide at about $20 billion annually at the farm gate, and which sustain one of the world’s largest industries (textiles) with an annual worldwide economic impact of about $500 billion. In a number of ways, cotton production and the textile industry are closely tied to petrochemical usage. At a practical level, cotton ...

  • Physiology of Cotton

    Physiology of Cotton

    Cotton production today is not to be undertaken frivolously if one expects to profit by its production. If cotton production is to be sustainable and produced profitably, it is essential to be knowledgeable about the growth and development of the cotton plant and in the adaptation of cultivars to the region as well as the technology available. In addition, those individuals involved in growing cotton should be familiar with the use of management ...

  • Crop Field Response to Deficit Irrigation

    Crop Field Response to Deficit Irrigation

    With limited water resources to divert for agriculture, innovations aimed at increasing efficient use of irrigation water must be developed. Among the means to survive the consequences of water scarcity and yet to sustain high crop production under irrigated agriculture with decreasing share of water, deficient irrigation programs are highly valued and their adoption is widely promoted. However, to ensure that the same level of crop yields ...

  • Gene Conservation and Exploitation

    Gene Conservation and Exploitation

    Broadening the Basis of Plant Resource Conservation; V.H. Heywood. Scientific Issues Affecting Gene Conservation and Exploitation of Some Tropical Perennials; J.T. Williams. The Naranjilla, the Cocona, and their Hybrids; C.B. Heiser. The Conservation and Utilization of Genes from Endangered and Extinct Plants; R.P. Adams. Exploitation of Genetic Resources; P.R. Day. Molecular Evaluation of Plant Genetic Resources; M.T. Clegg. Exploiting ...