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  • Genetics and Genomics of Cotton

    Genetics and Genomics of Cotton

    A few members of the Gossypium (cotton) genus are cultivated for the production of elongated single-celled fibers valued worldwide at about $20 billion annually at the farm gate, and which sustain one of the world’s largest industries (textiles) with an annual worldwide economic impact of about $500 billion. In a number of ways, cotton production and the textile industry are closely tied to petrochemical usage. At a practical level, cotton ...

  • New Crops for Temperate Regions

    New Crops for Temperate Regions

    This book covers underutilized and new crops which have the potential to be developed and exploited across temperate cropping zones. Contents include details of opportunities and markets for high value crops and the use of new crops for production of biomass, fibre, timber, starch, oils and fats. It will be of great use to researchers and policy makers involved in agriculture, food and feed science.

  • Sulphur in Plants

    Sulphur in Plants

    This book contains an account of the present status of knowledge and a detailed analysis of all aspects of sulphur, viz., the global S cycle; the present and future scenario of fertilizer demand and supply; management strategies of soil sulphur; uptake, assimilation and redistribution of sulphur in plants; biosynthesis and functions of various sulphur metabolites (glucosinolates, phytochelatins, metallothionine, sulpholipids, thiols) involved in ...