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  • Ecology of Ungulates

    Ecology of Ungulates

    This handbook presents an up-to-date review of the ecology and behavior of ungulates inhabiting eastern Europe and northern and central Asia, a vast area covering one sixth of the Earth. It provides detailed descriptions of 26 ungulate species focusing on quantitative data and condensing presentations of the autecology of the species, in order to facilitate comparisons between species, including data from several areas. Each species description ...

  • Harvesting Operations in the Tropics

    Harvesting Operations in the Tropics

    The book brings together information on harvest methods, system productivity, and methods for conducting safe, efficient, and environmentally acceptable operations in tropical forests. It highlights the challenges of harvest operations in the tropics, includes techniques that have been shown to be successful, and discusses newer technologies. The book is a reference for those interested in planning and management of tropical forests. Numerical ...

  • Regulation and Compliance in the Atlantic Fisheries

    Regulation and Compliance in the Atlantic Fisheries

    Why and under what conditions are the state's regulations complied with, and when are they violated? Resource scarcity and strict regulation of the Atlantic fisheries have generated a demand for in-depth knowledge of this issue. This comparative study is based on qualitative data from Norway and Newfoundland. It shows that informal social control is a major factor inhibiting violations of formal management regulations among fishermen, and it ...

  • The Iceberg in the Mist: Northern Research in pursuit of a "Little Ice Age"

    The Iceberg in the Mist: Northern Research in pursuit of a "Little Ice Age"

    The term 'Little Ice Age' was originally used by glaciologists to describe the most recent major glacial advance of the Holocene. Subsequently, the 'Little Ice Age' has come to be associated with a period of advances of European glaciers between about 1450 to 1850, as well as with relatively cooler temperatures. The issue of whether or not this concept remains accurate is a major theme of many of the papers included in this volume. The ...

  • Tropical Forest Plant Ecophysiology

    Tropical Forest Plant Ecophysiology

    Taking readers out of the laboratory and into the humid tropical forests, this comprehensive volume explores the most recent advances occurring in tropical plant ecophysiology. Drawing on the knowledge of leading practitioners in the field, this book synthesizes a broad range of information on the ways in which tropical plants adapt to their environment and demonstrate unique physiological processes. This book is arranged into four ...