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  • Biocontrol-Based Integrated Management of Oilseed Rape Pests

    Biocontrol-Based Integrated Management of Oilseed Rape Pests

    Oilseed rape is a major arable crop in both Europe and North America. It is attacked by unique complexes of insect pests still largely controlled through the application of chemical insecticides. Crop management systems for the future must combine sustainability with environmental acceptability to satisfy both social and economic demands. This book, in its 17 chapters each led by a world expert, reviews research progress towards developing ...

  • Brassica


    Recent advances in plant cell and molecular biology have opened new avenues for the improvement of crop plants in the genus "Brassica" - oilseeds and vegetables of worldwide economic importance. This volume reviews advances in various areas of "Brassica" biotechnology. It covers the use of rapid-cycle brassicas, tissue culture and gene transfer, molecular genetics, biotic and abiotic stress resistance, and molecular farming. Contributors are ...

  • Oilseeds


    Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants presents the current status of the elucidation and improvement of plant genomes of economic interest. The focus is on genetic and physical mapping, positioning, cloning, monitoring of desirable genes by molecular breeding and the most recent advances in genomics. The series comprises seven volumes: Cereals and Millets; Oilseeds; Pulses, Sugar and Tuber Crops; Fruits and Nuts; Vegetables; Technical ...

  • Cryopreservation of Plant Germplasm I

    Cryopreservation of Plant Germplasm I

    Whole plants have been regenerated from isolated protoplasts, cells, tissues, and organs freeze-preserved in liquid nitrogen. Thus cryopreservation has proved to be an important tool for the storage and conservation of plant genetic resources. Numerous experts have contributed to this volume, which is divided into the following sections: General introduction into the cryopreservation of plant cells, tissues, organs and seeds; trees; cereals and ...

  • Sulphur in Plants

    Sulphur in Plants

    This book contains an account of the present status of knowledge and a detailed analysis of all aspects of sulphur, viz., the global S cycle; the present and future scenario of fertilizer demand and supply; management strategies of soil sulphur; uptake, assimilation and redistribution of sulphur in plants; biosynthesis and functions of various sulphur metabolites (glucosinolates, phytochelatins, metallothionine, sulpholipids, thiols) involved in ...