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  • Tobacco BY-2 Cells

    Tobacco BY-2 Cells

    The first compilation of a wealth of knowledge on tobacco BY-2 cells, often cited as the HeLa cell line of higher plants. Basic issues of cell cycle progression, cytokinesis, cell organization and factors that are involved in these processes are covered in detail. Since the tobacco cell line is used as a tool for research in molecular and cellular biology, several chapters on such studies are also included. Further, changes of primary and ...

  • Post-harvest Tobacco Infestation Control

    Post-harvest Tobacco Infestation Control

    This book reviews all aspects of insect pests of tobacco and the subsequent control methods from the harvesting through to the production and storage of finished tobacco products. Control procedures to eliminate outbreaks of infestation are reviewed and a number of case histories are described to demonstrate integration of the methodologies.