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  • Advances in Microbial Toxin Research and its Biotechnological Exploitation

    Advances in Microbial Toxin Research and its Biotechnological Exploitation

    This book is a reference book based on the contribution made by eminent scientists (toxicologists) from the leading laboratories of the world. This book includes discussions of toxins produced by microbes, particularly fungi and bacteria, their chemical characterization, mechanism of action at the cellular and molecular level and also exploitation of TOX genes for the management of insect pests, weeds and plant pathogens.

  • An Ecological and Societal Approach to Biological Control

    An Ecological and Societal Approach to Biological Control

    Biological control is among the most promising methods for control of pests (including vectors), diseases and weeds. In this book ecological and societal aspects are for the first time treated together. In an ecological approach the aim is to evaluate the significance of certain biological properties like biodiversity and natural habitats. Also, it is important to see biological control from an organic (or ecological) farming point of view. In a ...

  • Management of Invasive Weeds

    Management of Invasive Weeds

    Biological invasions are one of the major threats to our native biodiversity. The magnitude of biodiversity losses, land degradation and productivity losses of managed and natural ecosystems due to invasive species is enormous. The ecological and environmental aspects of non-native invasive plants are of great importance to (i) understand ecological principles involved in the management of invasives, (ii) design management strategies, (iii) find ...

  • Soil Engineering

    Soil Engineering

    The agricultural world has changed significantly during the last years. The excessive use of heavy machinery, waste disposal, the use of agrochemicals and new soil cultivation means led to severe problems, which agricultural engineers have to cope with in order to prevent soil from permanent irreversible damage.This Soil Biology volume will update readers on several cutting-edge aspects of sustainable soil engineering including topics such as: s

  • Plant Growth Substances

    Plant Growth Substances

    In a convenient, single-source reference, this book examines plant growth substances and their relationship to a wide range of physiological processes, ranging from seed germination through the death of the plant. If offers a clear illustration of the pragmatic uses of plant substances in agriculture and demonstrates how basic laboratory research has translated into increased production and profit for the grower. This work begins by ...

  • Seed Production

    Seed Production

    This is the only book to integrate seed technology and the production of agronomic species. It covers the principles and practices involved in producing, conditioning, evaluating, and marketing high quality seeds. The current seed production technology for each species is reviewed, including seeding methods; weed, insect and disease control; roguing and purification; harvesting, conditioning, bagging, and marketing. All production ...