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  • Gradients in a Tropical Mountain Ecosystem of Ecuador

    Gradients in a Tropical Mountain Ecosystem of Ecuador

    A tropical mountain ecosystem in one of the "hottest" biodiversity hotspots worldwide was investigated by some 30 research teams of numerous disciplines in the natural and social sciences. Ecosystem analysis followed two gradients: an altitudinal gradient and a gradient of land-use intensity and ecosystem regeneration, respectively.This volume addresses a multitude of ecologically relevant aspects: macro- and microclimate; physics, chemistry and

  • Protocols for Micropropagation of Woody Trees and Fruits

    Protocols for Micropropagation of Woody Trees and Fruits

    Micropropagation has become a reliable and routine approach for large-scale rapid plant multiplication, which is based on plant cell, tissue and organ culture on well defined tissue culture media under aseptic conditions. A lot of research efforts are being made to develop and refine micropropagation methods and culture media for large-scale plant multiplication of several number of plant species. However, many forest and fruit tree species ...

  • Reforesting Landscapes

    Reforesting Landscapes

    The 21st century has seen the beginnings of a great restoration effort towards the world’s forests, accompanied by the emergence of an increasing literature on reforestation, regeneration and regrowth of forest cover. Yet to date, there is no volume which synthesises current knowledge on the extent, trends, patterns and drivers of reforestation.This edited volume draws together research from leading researchers to explore reforestation and fores

  • Conifer Cold Hardiness

    Conifer Cold Hardiness

    Conifer Cold Hardiness provides an up-to-date synthesis by leading scientists in the study of the major physiological and environmental factors regulating cold hardiness of conifer tree species. This state-of-the-art reference comprehensively explains current understanding of conifer cold hardiness ranging from the gene to the globe and from the highly applied to the very basic. Topics addressed encompass cold hardiness from the ...