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  • Breeding Plantation Tree Crops: Tropical Species

    Breeding Plantation Tree Crops: Tropical Species

    Tree species are indispensable to human needs. Due to their long life cycle and environmental sensitivity, breeding trees for sustainable production is a formidable challenge on order to meet the demands of growing human population and industries. Fruit crops such as apple, cocoa, mango, citrus, litchi, pear, dates, and coconut or industrial crops including rubber and tea, improving yield under the optimal, sub-optimal and marginal areas call ...

  • Harvesting Operations in the Tropics

    Harvesting Operations in the Tropics

    The book brings together information on harvest methods, system productivity, and methods for conducting safe, efficient, and environmentally acceptable operations in tropical forests. It highlights the challenges of harvest operations in the tropics, includes techniques that have been shown to be successful, and discusses newer technologies. The book is a reference for those interested in planning and management of tropical forests. Numerical ...

  • Mountain Timberlines

    Mountain Timberlines

    This book is published as part of the broad area of research on the changing global climate and its impact on the environment. After an introduction into the complexities of the subject, the history and present state of timberline research are outlined. Chapters on the tree species at timberline and on the relationship of timberline elevation to marcroclimate, climate character and the mass-elevation effect follow. The main chapter deals with ...

  • Sika Deer

    Sika Deer

    Sika deer, the graceful spotted deer of Japanese and Chinese art, originally were native to Asia from far-east Russia to Vietnam to the islands of Japan and Taiwan. They are widely raised in captivity to supply velvet antler for traditional medicine. They also were introduced to Europe, North America, and New Zealand, where they compete or interbreed with native deer. Sika deer typically occupy lowland hardwood forests with low winter snow ...

  • Urban Forests and Trees

    Urban Forests and Trees

    This book covers all aspects of planning, designing, establishing and managing forests and trees and forests in and near urban areas. The disciplinary background of the authors is varied, ranging from forestry and horticulture to landscape ecology, landscape architecture and even plant pathology.The first chapters in the first part of the book deal with the concept, history, chapter deal with the form, function and benefits and functions of urba

  • Beech Forests

    Beech Forests

    This volume compares the beech forests of eastern Asia, North America and Europe. Beech forests are important in each of these three regions. No other book covers beech on this scale. The author has personally studied beech forests in each region, and his large body of data is the starting point for comparison. For such a world-wide comparison to be justified, factors that have most strongly influenced the beech forests should be known. ...

  • In vitro Culture of Trees

    In vitro Culture of Trees

    Woody plants provide many challenges to the tissue culturist. Although there are many excellent tissue culture books and manuals available, these are generally strongly biased towards herbacious crops. Consequently, they often do not pay sufficient attention to the problems that specifically apply to in vitro culture of tree species. Culture of the latter often poses problems which are either absent or of lesser significance when culturing ...