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  • Bananas and Plantains

    Bananas and Plantains

    This important book provides a thorough review of the crop from planting to consumption. Each chapter is written by specialists and gives a vital insight into key aspects of this economically important crop. The book will be of great value to plant and agricultural scientists and food scientists and technologists.

  • Plant Protoplasts and Genetic Engineering VI

    Plant Protoplasts and Genetic Engineering VI

    Twenty-seven chapters deal with the regeneration of plants from protoplasts and genetic transformation in various species of Arachis, Buplerum, Capsella, Dendrobium, Dianthus, Diospyros, Fagopyrum, Festuca, Gentiana, Glycyrrhiza, Gossypium, Hemerocallis, Levisticum, Lonicera, Musa, Physalis, Platanus, Prunus, Saposhikovia, Solanum, Spinacia, Trititrigia, Tulipa, including fruits such as apricot, banana, cranberry, pepino, peach, and plum. These ...