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  • Insect Pest Management

    Insect Pest Management

    This book deals with new approaches to insect pest management in field and protected crops using ecologically sound and innovative techniques. It starts with an overview on general topics in pest management, i.e., the efficacy and selectivity of new biorational insecticides such as insect growth regulators, avermectins, the neonicotinoid insecticides, and the ecology of insect pests and relevance to pest management along with new insights into c

  • Vegetation-Climate Interaction

    Vegetation-Climate Interaction

    This book offers a readable and accessible account of the way in which the world's plant life partly controls its own environment. Starting from the broad patterns in vegetation which have classically been seen as a passive response to climate, the authors build up from the local scale - with microclimates produced by plants - to the regional and global scale. The influence of plants (both on land and in the ocean) in making clouds, haze and ...

  • Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Greenhouse Crops

    Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Greenhouse Crops

    This book is mainly directed towards postgraduate students and professionals in the field of research and implementation of integrated pest and disease management programmes in greenhouse crops. After presenting the major pests and diseases that affect greenhouse vegetable and ornamental crops, several chapters deal with the tools for designing and implementing IP&DM in protected cultivation with particular emphasis on biological control. ...

  • Vegetation Dynamics And Global Change

    Vegetation Dynamics And Global Change

    The response of forests to global climate change is one of the most hotly contested issues in the greenhouse effect debate. Much effort is being devoted to the construction of models which describe the function of the forests and their rate of change. There are a wealth of techniques available to project large-scale vegetation patterns, all based on different underlying models that contain fundamental biological and ecological ...