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  • Lake Naivasha, Kenya

    Lake Naivasha, Kenya

    This is the first comprehensive study of an east African lake for thirty years. It represents the culmination of research expeditions which stretch back twenty years and is thus able to pick up long term changes which the individual research activities do not reveal. Lake Naivasha is a tropical lake whose natural fluctuations are now dwarfed by human impacts. Papers show how the irrigation for horticulture and power cooling has reduced the lake ...

  • Mansfeld´s Encyclopedia of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops

    Mansfeld´s Encyclopedia of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops

    This long-awaited English edition of the famous "Mansfeld" gives a full account of all agricultural and horticultural plants, other than ornamentals, grown throughout the world presently or in the past. More than 6040 species are covered, including food crops, forage, oil, fibre, spice, medicinal, industrial and so-called auxiliary plants (shade trees, green manure or cover plants). Summaries are given on some hundreds of additional species ...