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  • Interactions in the Root Environment - An Integrated Approach

    Interactions in the Root Environment - An Integrated Approach

    This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the Rothamsted Millennium Conference "Interactions in the Root Environment - an Integrated Approach". The meeting brought together scientists from a range of disciplines interested in the relationship between soil biology and plant growth, reflected by the contents of the volume. Topics range from root development and nutrient flow, plant-microbe and plant-plant signaling, methods for ...

  • On the Moon

    On the Moon

    This book explains how the Apollo crews learned to work on the lunar surface. Its lively and informative text draws heavily on transcripts and photographs to illustrate points. It puts the reader on the lunar surface with the astronauts, sharing their observations, excitement, and frustrations. Many people who are interested in space exploration are too young to remember much about the events that led to the Apollo Program and the global excite

  • Root Ecology

    Root Ecology

    In the course of evolution, a great variety of root systems have learned to overcome the many physical, biochemical and biological problems brought about by soil. This development has made them a fascinating object of scientific study.This volume gives an overview of how roots have adapted to the soil environment and which roles they play in the soil ecosystem. The text describes the form and function of roots, their temporal and spatial ...

  • Root Methods

    Root Methods

    This comprehensive review presents all modern methods for plant root research, both in the field and in the laboratory. It covers the effects of environmental interactions with root growth and function, and focuses in particular on the assessment of root distribution and dynamics. The processing of root observations, analysis and modelling of root growth and architecture, root-image analysis, computer-assisted tomography and magnetic resonance ...

  • Root Physiology: from Gene to Function

    Root Physiology: from Gene to Function

    In the last decade, enormous progress has been made on the physiology of plant roots, including on a wide range of molecular aspects. Much of that progress has been captured in the chapters of this book. Breakthroughs have been made possible through integration of molecular and whole-plant aspects. The classical boundaries between physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology have vanished. There has been a strong focus on a limited number of ...

  • Roots


    The root is the organ that functions as the interface between the plant and the earth environment. Many human management practices involving crops, forests and natural vegetation also affect plant growth through the soil and roots. Understanding the morphology and function of roots from the cellular level to the level of the whole root system is required for both plant production and environmental protection. This book is at the forefront of ...

  • The Comparative Embryology of Sponges

    The Comparative Embryology of Sponges

    One of the major questions in the evolution of animals is the transition from unicellular to multicellular organization, which resulted in the emergence of Metazoa through a hypothetical Urmetazoa. The Comparative Embryology of Sponges contains abundant original and literary data on comparative embryology and morphology of the Porifera (Sponges), a group of 'lower Metazoa'. On the basis of this material, original typization of the development of ...

  • Biology of Adventitious Root Formation

    Biology of Adventitious Root Formation

    Special Lecture: The Origin, Diversity, and Biology of Shoot-Borne Roots; P.W. Barlow. The Commercial Importance of Adventitious Rooting: Commercial Application of Adventitious Rooting to Forestry; G.A. Ritchie. Infrastructure for Research: Model Systems for Studying Adventitious Root Formation; S.G. Ernst. Setting the Stage for Rooting: Novel Experimental Systems for Determining Cellular Competence and Determination; D. Mohnen. Induction ...

  • British Tertiary Volcanic Province

    British Tertiary Volcanic Province

    This volume deals with the excellently exposed rocks of the British Tertiary Volcanic Province on the west coast of Scotland. Since this line of volcanoes was formed 50-60 million years ago, rain, snow and the action of the sea have reduced the volcanoes to their roots, exposing their complex plumbing.

  • Deformation-enhanced Fluid Transport in the Earth´s Crust and Mantle

    Deformation-enhanced Fluid Transport in the Earth´s Crust and Mantle

    30% discount for members of The Mineralogical Society of Britain and IrelandThe movement of fluids through rocks has profound consequences for the transport of heat and matter within the Earth. Recently, considerable effort has been expended in determining the mechanisms and pathways of geological fluid flow, with much of this research concentrated on the effects of deformation on rock permeability. Although it is well known that fractures can a

  • Friction and Instabilities

    Friction and Instabilities

    The book addresses instability and bifurcation phenomena in frictional contact problems. The treatment of this subject has its roots in previous studies of instability and bifurcation in elastic, thermoelastic or elastic-plastic bodies, and in previous mathematical, mechanical and computational studies of unilateral problems. The salient feature of this book is to put together and develop concepts and tools for stability and bifurcation studies ...

  • Root Demographics and Their Efficiencies in Sustainable Agriculture, Grasslands and Forest Ecosystems

    Root Demographics and Their Efficiencies in Sustainable Agriculture, Grasslands and Forest Ecosystems

    The chapters in this Proceedings are divided into six areas of interest, reflecting the six sessions of the symposium: (1) Global patterns of carbon allocation and partitioning; (2) Managed and unmanaged ecosystems; (3) Sustainable agroecosystems; (4) Groundwater quality; (5) Genetics, physiology, and molecular biology; and (6) Contemporary methods for measuring root dynamics. The sponsoring society has made a particular effort in these ...

  • Structure and Function of Roots

    Structure and Function of Roots

    These papers summarize the present status of knowledge related to the structure and function of primary root tissues and their cells, as presented at the Fourth International Symposium on the Structure and Functions of Roots. The organizers assembled leading scientists from all over the world. All five subject areas that were presented at the Symposium are covered in the book.

  • The State and the International Oil Market

    The State and the International Oil Market

    The dominant position of the oil-producing countries is being challenged in the international oil market by the large international oil companies. The large private international oil companies, already comparable in size to the largest of the NOCs, have managed to make significant advances in efficiency in the field of organization, finance, human capital and technology. Their ability to compete has improved dramatically since 1973. ...