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  • Landscape Analysis and Visualisation

    Landscape Analysis and Visualisation

    This book showcases a wide range of innovative landscape analysis and visualization techniques as used in a number of applied natural resource management and central planning problems. It includes papers ranging from a number of areas including: (i) natural resource knowledge management, (ii) ecological modelling, (iii) landscape visualization, (iv) NRM policy and investment, (v) land use change and scenario modelling, (vi) farm to catchment ...

  • Urban-Rural Interactions

    Urban-Rural Interactions

    Modern Europe has rural roots. Even today, as much as 90 per cent of Europe (EU25) consists of rural areas in which half of the population lives. While different rural areas often face different challenges, the shift from agricultural production towards a multifunctional landscape and the increasing value assigned to environmental values affect all rural areas.The ambition to develop a more diversified rural economy, as well as the bottom-up app

  • World Forests, Society and Environment

    World Forests, Society and Environment

    This book addresses current global and regional issues concerning the world's forests, societies and the environment from an independent and non-governmental point of view. A main message is that cooperation on a global scale is not only commendable, but essential if solutions to the problems facing the world's forests are to be found. To achieve this, modern science needs to find a clearer picture of relationships between forests, human ...