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  • Biomedical Image Registration

    Biomedical Image Registration

    This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration, WBIR 2006, held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in July 2006.The 20 revised full papers and 18 revised poster papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. The papers cover all areas of biomedical image registration; methods of registration, biomedical applications, and validation o

  • Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe

    Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe

    Over the past fifty years, local government in Europe has been confronted with escalating scales of production, population migration and market pressures. These developments have complicated its performance, challenged its domain and even threatened its existence. A popular coping strategy is inter-municipal cooperation, a phenomenon that, despite its ubiquity, has not been subject to systematic comparative research. This book presents an overvi

  • Fish Ecology

    Fish Ecology

    This book introduces the ecology of fishes by describing the inter-relationships between fishes and the aquatic habitats they occupy. Sequential reading, chapter by chapter, covers the main themes of ecology, including habitat use, species interactions, migration, feeding, population dynamics and reproduction in relation to the major habitats occupied by fishes.

  • Nitrogen Economy in Tropical Soils

    Nitrogen Economy in Tropical Soils

    Nitrogen Economy in Tropical Soils presents an authoritative and comprehensive state-of-the-art review on soil/plant nitrogen inter-relationships, with special reference to tropical soils and crops in aerobic and anaerobic environments. Use of isotopically labelled nitrogen in experimentation, especially in tropical environments, and recently developed analytical techniques for soil and plant materials are presented. An important aspect is ...

  • Soils, Plants and Clay Minerals

    Soils, Plants and Clay Minerals

    This book considers the inter-relations between plants and minerals in an entirely new way, in that it introduces the notion of eco-engineering: i.e. the manipulation of the mineral world by the living world to the ends of the living world. These inter-relations are the basis for traditional agriculture and should be the basis for new, ecologically oriented land management disciplines, including agriculture itself. These relations also have an ...