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  • Deconstructing Olduvai: A Taphonomic Study of the Bed I Sites

    Deconstructing Olduvai: A Taphonomic Study of the Bed I Sites

    The Olduvai Bed I archaeological sites, dating back to almost 2 million years, have been at the epicenter of the debate on how early humans behaved. This book presents a new analytical approach which, after having been applied to these sites, has produced unexpected results: the association of stone tools and faunal remains at most Olduvai Bed I sites is accidental and not related to hominid behavior. Only at one site, FLK Zinj, is this ...

  • The Western European Loess Belt

    The Western European Loess Belt

    This book deals with the early history of agriculture in a defined part of Western Europe: the loess belt west of the river Rhine. It is a well-illustrated book that integrates existing and new information, starting with the first farmers and ending when food production was no longer the chief source of livelihood for the entire population. The loess belt was chosen because it is a region with only one type of soil and climate as these are ...

  • Stress and Animal Welfare

    Stress and Animal Welfare

    The book explains basic biological principles for students of animal housing, husbandry, management, and experimentation. The text provides a framework and reference source for everyone involved in moral decisions about animal usage.