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  • Disease in Wild Animals

    Disease in Wild Animals

    Wildlife diseases have become increasingly important recently due to their effect upon human health, veterinary medicine, wildlife, and conservation biology.Gary Wobeser's successful book from 1994 has been completely updated and enlarged in a new second edition. An in-depth overview of the available techniques for the investigation and management of disease in free-ranging animals is provided. The subjects are illustrated with examples drawn fr

  • South American Primates

    South American Primates

    This will be the first time a volume will be compiled focusing on South American monkeys as models to address and test critical issues in the study of nonhuman primates. In addition, the volume will serve an important compliment to the book on Mesoamerican primates recently published in the series under the DIPR book series. The book will be of interest to a broad range of scientists in various disciplines, ranging from primatology, to animal ...